Day 27: Preparing to Leave

Today was our final full day at Microcampus. Today was the day we said our goodbyes to the Linden Centre, local people we knew and Xizhou itself. First, it was a work day. We had to finish all our projects and made sure they were presentable on the website. Next, we packed our bags and attempted to shove everything into our suitcase. Since this was not working out very well because I wanted to make sure my antiques did not break, I packed that into a box and placed it into my book bag.

Finally, during dinner we went out so SiFangJie and said goodbye to everyone we knew. We bid farewell to Mao yeye, the owner of Old Town Snacks and the popsicle shop owner. It was surprising that everyone knew we were leaving already when we told them. They would simply nod their head and say "zhi dao le, xia ci zai lai!" This translates into "I know, come back to visit!"

Hello, my name is Alice and I am currently 13 years old. I consider myself from North Carolina, but I have also lived in Pennsylvania and Michigan. A few of my hobbies include rock climbing, singing, reading and writing. I was part of Limitless, the 12th Microcampus trip. I am thankful I was able to participate in the Microcampus program because I learned so much and created unforgettable experiences.