Day 27: Bidding Our Farewells

Day 27 of Microcampus is our last full day that we would spend here in Xizhou, and that somewhat blows my mind. I have not noticed as the past four weeks flew by, and insteaded only comprehended the fleetingness of this trip when it is almost ending. In the afternoon, Annie and I went around the village bidding our farewells and sharing our hugs with the villagers; it was truly an emotional afternoon. These people are a concrete part of my life now; I cannot bear the thought of not seeing them again until I convince my parents to pay a visit to this village again. I can only carry them with me when I re-enter my life back in Shanghai, and hope that I will see them again soon. 

Tonight's evening activity is the Jammy Awards, which, in Microcampus tradition, takes place on the last evening of the trip. One may have heard of the lesser-known version, also known as the Grammy Awards, but that is only a smaller and less-official adaptation. I look forward to us spending the most of our last night here in Xizhou before we depart for home. 

Hi! My name is Angela and I am a student from Shanghai American School. I was a part of the Superior Microcampus group, and staying at Xizhou for the all of March in 2017 was something I will never forget. It was one of the most difficult, frustrating, uncomfortable, and unforgettable opportunities I will ever have the honor of experiencing. I had learned so much values and knowledge over the course of those 28 days, and these lessons are what I will be carrying with me for the years to come.