Day 27: Day Before Leaving!

Today was the last full day of the 28 day duration of Microcampus, and I had never became so anxious before about going home. The paragraphs, the photos, the daily journals I did during Microcampus is finally going to become a strong memory for me. If I compare the "Me" before going to microcampus and the new "Me", the old me will be wondering: "How in the world did I just endure 4 weeks of a place far from my confort zone"? The new me would be like: "Well, for some reason I did"! Clearly, my old self was expecting something much more challenging and mind boggling while I am on the trip, only to find out that I was still in one shape without my mental health shaken that much. 

During the afternoon, I stayed at the hotel until I went to dinner. On the way I met Mr.Yang, who is currently walking around his store. When I glanced at him, I remembered Mr. Tafel telling us to thank Xizhou for the experiences we took away from it. After remembering his words, I asked Mr. Yang to take a photo with me so that I could remember him. To my surprise, he said yes in a tone that told me he had expected it. I realised that my constant curiosity about his lifestyle in the past might had made him notice me. The thought made me stood still for a moment before I took a photo with him. After my buddy took a photo of him and me, we said goodbye to Mr.Yang as we headed down to Si Fang Jie. This might as well be the last time I see him.

Hello everyone! I am currently 14 years old and I was born in New Jersey, United states of America. I lived my first year of my life in New Jersey before I moved and lived at Shanghai ever since. Because I finished my required phases, (Hooray!) I am now at a wonderful place in China called Xizhou.