Day 27:Last Full Day

Today was our last full day in Xizhou. It was mostly all about finishing up, saying our goodbyes and packing up.We woke up in the morning and started a normal day. In the afternoon at 2PM we had a meeting to give a review on trip advisor for the Linden centre. We all gave a five star review to show our appreciation for what the Linden centre has done for us. After 2 we finished up a few journals and then I left with Caleb to go say bye to a fisherman he had met. We took a 10min car ride due to the rain. We found the fisherman with his cormorants and gave him a picture Caleb had taken with him during his interview/boat ride.  He seemed really happy that Caleb had come back to say goodbye and told us to come back with our families.  We got back at about 4:10 and started packing.we finished packing before our 5:45 meeting and left for dinner. 
For pir ;last day the rule of four was not in place Caleb and I went to our favorite noodle restaurant, then the rest of the boys got here, then the girls got here and finally the whole group had arrived at the same restaurant, it was that good!. While we waited for our meal my work group went to our service learning partners house to say good bye. He was so glad to see us and told us to come back soon to introduce our families. We sat down and had a quick talk with him. We gave him our emails as he said his son would love to be able to practice his english with us. I then got back to eat my food and left with Kristen L. to help her do laundry, as Kristen F. had done a lot of work for service learning and as a group we decided we would do her chores for her final days here.
Afterwards, at about 7:30, the Jammies started. The Jamies is the original ceremony that inspired the not as well known Grammies. The Jammies give awards to micro campus students and have a special dress code, Pajamas. Everyone got an award for a special aspect they had shown over the course of the month.At 8:30 we called our parents to confirm our pickup and at 9:00 we were in our beds snoring away our last night at what we had called home for a month. 
I hope to come back with my parents during spring or Chinese new year to show them just how amazing Xizhou village is.
Hey world, my name is Noam. I am a 13 year old born in France. When I was 4 months old I moved to Beijing and lived there for 4 years I then moved to Shanghai and I have been living there ever since. However I have only been going to SAS Pudong for the past 3 years. I have a brother in 5th grade and my mom is one of the health teachers at SAS Pudong. I love playing all sports but my favorites are touch rugby, soccer and basketball. My profile picture may seem like a mistake to you, your wrong. I chose this picture because over this trip it was not just about me, it was about everyone. Microcampus was the best experience I have ever been on. I learnt so much and had so much fun.