Day 26: Viewing Party

Presenting our service learning video went really well. We had many people show up to watch the videos. I enjoyed watching the audience watch our video because we were able to see all of their faces and their expressions. It was great to see our service learning partner Yang Mei Kong enjoying herself along with the other guests. I'm proud of my video and I'm really glad to be able to share it with everybody else. 

Today was the day we showed all of our videos to the community. It was a great success with our service learning partner being able to attend and enjoying it. Many other people of the community came as well to see the viewing. Even teachers from Shanghai American School such as Mr. Evans, Mr. Mcwinney, and Mr. Slabey. After the viewing and after we sent our service learning partners on our way, We pulled out the hacky sack. It was a circle of almost 11 people that were playing and I was in the middle to receive the hack. We played for almost an hour and it was great fun. We then moved forward to our day's old town trip at around 4:30, this time around we had much more time to spend and it was very fun. I am sad that tomorrow is my final day here in Xizhou and it won't is easy saying goodbye to this place. 
My name is Nolan Y. and I am an 8th grader at Shanghai American School. Going on Microcampus was a life changing experience. I was able to see rural China through the lenses of not a tourist but as a local. Microcampus had taught me so many things that I would never even imagine. I am glad I came on this 28 day trip to Xizhou to learn about parental expectations and have an experience I will hold dear to my heart for a long time.