Day 26: Show Case

We shared our service learning video with a large group of people. During the showing instead of sitting in the audience looking at all the flaws of film, we watched the audiences reaction. Before heading up to sit in the chairs front, the wave of anxiety hit and I could feel a tightness in my stomach. Once I sat down up front, my nervousness slowly faded away. The entire audience was looking at the screen not the students sitting beside it. It was about the same as I imagined. While watching, most people had the same expression throughout most of the video. Many did not change their expressions either. They were either smiling or they had a neutral expression. Some people seemed to really enjoy the video and others seemed to be thinking.
Some people showed their emotion on their faces, while others kept their emotions to their selves. Some most of them smiled at some point. No one payed any attention to the three students sitting in the front, instead all of their focus was on the big screen behind them. I received more information from watching the audience than I thought I would get. By analyzing facial expression, I found a lot about what they were thinking. I think that this was a very eye opening experience for me. 
My name is Laura L. and I am a student at Shanghai American School. I was part of the Group Superior during the spring of 2017. It was a breathtaking experience consisting of extraordinary and wondrous events. It was one of hardest and best things I have ever decided to do. I've learned many valuable lessons and it was an honor to have been able to attend this program with my fellow peers. The 28 days I spent in Xizhou were life-changing and remarkable. I've gained so much knowledge, of which I will take everywhere I go for the rest of my life.