Day 26: Sharing Our Video

It was incredible to have the chance and share our Service Learning video with Mr. Yang. On the way here, we learnt even more about him, and heard that he had lived through three deadly diseases. As a child, there was no medicine for his conditions, so it is almost unbelievable how strong he must have had to be at that time. When you think about it, he was not only going through his personal issues of health, but the cultural revolution was occuring at the same time. 

By the time the video had started,  While we were sitting on the bench, and watching him watch our video, all I could see was how his face was lit up. Having the opportunity to witness this made the work all the more worthwhile, as it gave us all the chance to realize what the goal of the entire project was: to show our appreciation for the community. We had truly poured our hearts into the video, and to see the hours of editing pay off felt remarkable.

After the sharing, we walked him back to his house. He was smiling the entire time and graciously telling us to bring our families and visit him after the end of Microcampus. He even sat us down, showing us the rest of his family photos, as well as a tour of the house he built with his bare hands. It was touching to see how such a small video made such a lasting impact on him.

My name is Mia C., and I am Taiwanese. Although born in Taiwan, I am also American and Canadian. This year marks my 11th year of living in Shanghai, and my 6th year attending SAS. I enjoy trying new things and understanding the world around me, so Microcampus seemed like the perfect opportunity. The experience was more than I could have ever imagined and I hope to return to Xizhou soon.