Day 26: Service Learning Videos

Today we are presenting our service learning projects. Noam and I am going to go pick up our service learning partner, Mr. Yang. There are four groups on our trip and Mr. T said that all of our presentations are good and will be very good. I am pretty excited to show our presentation because I think that Mr. Yang's life story is very interesting. 

He was alive during the Cultural Revolution and so I learned a lot more just by talking to him. I learned how difficult life back then was and how lucky I am now to be going to such a great school and being able to experience the microcampus trip. 

My name is Max. I was born in Hong Kong and have lived there for 7 years before moving to Shanghai. I enjoy playing sports like track and field and tennis. I am really enjoying Xizhou so far, the weather is great and the facilities are really nice. Microcampus has been a great experience and I will miss it very much.