Day 26: Service Learning Showcase Reflection

In the afternoon today, we hosted a Service Learning showcase that played all of our final films of our Service Learning partners.

One of the most important aspects of our final showcase is that we, as a group, have to sit in the front and face the audience as we watch them watch our final film. The experience was definitely unlike anything that we had done back in Shanghai, as in school, we would just sit among the audience and squirm as the product plays. I think that we should do this more often—it conveys that it is not about ourselves anymore, but rather it is about the audience, whom we are gifting our product to. As normal middle school kids, we would assume that everything is about us, especially when we are the creators of this product, but the purpose of this film is to be gifted to the people that made this possible. Therefore, this moment is about them and not us. I think that watching them while they watch our final product represents perfectly how a gift should be given. When one gives something to another, one does not just stand there to giggle and squirm as the receiver unwraps the gift. One should watch the receiver's expression as they unwrap the gift, as this moment is no longer about the giver but the receiver. 

When I watched my Service Learning partner, Ms. Yang, watch the film, she reacted quite positively, which is the most I could expect. If I had not been sitting in the front of the room, I would most definitely be squirming and acting like an eighth grader, but from this, I, along with the rest of us, learned that not everything is about us. We could never have learned this back in Shanghai, and it adds to the list of lessons and values I have learned in Microcampus that I could not have ever had if I stayed home. 

The rest of my Service Learning project can be accessed here

Hi! My name is Angela and I am a student from Shanghai American School. I was a part of the Superior Microcampus group, and staying at Xizhou for the all of March in 2017 was something I will never forget. It was one of the most difficult, frustrating, uncomfortable, and unforgettable opportunities I will ever have the honor of experiencing. I had learned so much values and knowledge over the course of those 28 days, and these lessons are what I will be carrying with me for the years to come.