Day 26: Service Learning Sharing

On Day 26 we shared our services learning video to our parture. We plan to start our services learning sharing at three 0' clock. However, she showed up at around 14:00 because she needs to leave at 15:00. We quickly told the others to get their services learning parture so we could start showing them the video. She was dressed in Bai clothing, and she was performing the Bai dance in the main court yard. After the dance, we showed her around the Linden Centre. She is really curious of the Linden Centre. However, the trip has to come to a end. 

At 14:45, we start the service leaning sharing. Mr. T ask us not to look at our own video and look at our services learning parter so we could see their reaction of the video. Mr. Zhao are also there, he is a tailor and Ms. Duan and Mr. Zhao are used to be classmate. When the video start playing, Ms. Duan is look really happy. After everyone played the video, Ms. Duan want to show Ms. Linden her dance. Over all we had a great time together


Hi guys, I am Jack Y. I am a Microcampus student and I was at Xizhou. I have a brother named Jerry and I also have a sister named Amelia. I like Microcampus because it takes me outside of my personal bubble, and I also like my project, which is Water usage/treatment. Microcampus have helped me understand a lot of things, I also understand myself better than before.