Day 26: Service Learning Sharing

Today was Service Learning Presentations. Several hours before, I realized that when the video exported, it had not added the edits that we had made. Alexis and I spent about an hour trying ot fix it through the edit mode in iMovie 10.0.5, but we ended up taking a screen capture of the video, cutting it up, and copy-pasting the audio files.

During Service Learning Presentations, my group and I watched Mr. Gao as our video played in the background. For most of the video, he maintained a straight face as he watched himself answer questions. Towards the end, there was an awkward ten second silence as the video neared its end. Fortunately, the subtitles in the video were able to take over, and as the silence neared its end, we tried to figure out why it happened.

Hello, my name is Sean, and I am currently attending eighth grade at SAS Pudong. I am 13 years old, having lived in Shanghai for only one year so far, after living in Illinois for ten. In terms of Chinese, I can hold my own in a conversation, but otherwise can't do much else. I have one sibling, a sister in fourth grade. My passions include reading, playing sports, science, playing the trumpet, and being outdoors.