Day 26: Service Learning Sharing

Unlike other sharing events, the Microcampus Service Learning Sharing event is not frustrating and not stressing. It is an event for celebration.

We picked up Grandma Yang and her daughter, and many other connections in the afternoon. As hosts, we showed them around Yangzhuoran and offered some snacks and tea to them after we settled down in Classroom 1, where the celebration will take place. We sat at the front of the room, and observed the audience while our Service Learning Project was playing. I looked at Grandma Yang, our Service Learning partner.

Before the movie started playing, I saw her eyes go all over the place, examining the room. Once the movie started, she was absorbed into the scenes and focused directly on the screen. Even her body was slanted, her wrinkled face pointed directly at the movie. During the introduction, Grandma Yang would occasionally lose focus. This made me a little sad, because perhaps our movie was not appealing to her and perhaps our hook was not as good as we thought it would be.

However, once the movie transitioned into the part where she talked about her parents and how she missed them, her eyes began to tear up and her wrinkled face became a little squished together. Dong Ayi, another connection our group made and also a dear friend of Grandma Yang, nudged Grandma and comforted her a little. I could see from their interactions that they appreciate how we are preserbing their stories. This really made me think and look back at my own family and my parents; how I would feel if they passed away at old age. I really appreciate this experience to look at the audience during a presentation. It felt truly like giving out and thanking this community.

Hey I am Clark! Microcampus has been a spectacular experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. This experience transformed me and taught me many life lessons. Now that I am in Shanghai, I miss the clear skies, the amazing food, and all the loving memories the Voyagers crew had together. To future Microcampus students: cherish your time in Xizhou and always listen to Mr. T and Ms. Mai, as they are trying to stop a problem before it becomes one.