Day 26: Service Learning Sharing

We shared our service learning video with our partner today. The other group's partner, other elderly's from the village, people who work in the Linden Center and many other people were invited to the sharing today. When it was our turn, my group and I went to the front of the room and introduced ourselves. We watched Wang Ye Ye and observed his facial expressions while he was watching the video. During the whole video, he paid attention to the video and listened closely to what he was saying. Around the middle, there is a part where he mentions the Cultural Revolution, and he mentions that every time there was an order that needed to be sent, his boss would send him. When we arrived at that part of the video, he smiled and looked proud. At the end of the video, Wang Ye Ye clapped and smiled and then when he looked at us he seemed to be happy. When we walked him back to his shop, we stopped at his house as he wanted to show us it. We then dropped him off and he said he was really happy and really liked the video. 

Hello everyone, my name is Nina A. I am proud to say that I was part of the 2017 Ultimate Pudong Microcampus trip. There are so many things that we have taken away from this amazing 28-day experience. Something that our 'U' group and every other Microcampus group is definitely missing is the blue skies and the white and puffy clouds.