Day 26: Service Learning Sharing

Our whole group was nervous the day it came to the final Service Learning sharing. We had many things to do that day, and we were messing around with our video and trying to make it perfect. That day, Saleem E., Hayley S. (our Service Learning group) walked over to Ms. Zhou's shop to walk her here to Yang Zhuo Ran. We brought her a bag of fruits, which she tried to decline but we insisted that she kept it and so she did. On the way here, we talked about various topics, but mostly it was us reassuring her that she looked great in the video.

When we got to Yang Zhuo Ran, we brought her on a tour of the house. Ms. Zhou's husband used to work at Yang Zhuo Ran as a doctor, but ever since Yang Zhuo Ran turned into one of the Linden Centre Commons, he has found work elsewhere. Ms. Zhou walked with us around Yang Zhuo Ran and Ms. Zhou walked with us around Yang Zhuo Ran and she told us what all of the rooms used to be and who worked there and why.

After that, we went into Classroom One where we introduced our Service Learning partner to our teachers and some of the other guests that were also here. While Ms. Zhou was connecting with some of the other guests, we brought her some tea, cookies, and fruit. Finally, it was time for us to show our video. Our group was worried and scared that Ms. Zhou would not like our video, but as we watched her facial expression and body language we realized that she actually enjoyed the video.

My name is Julia J. and I am an Alumni of the "Ultimate" Microcampus group. Microcampus has been an amazing experience and I am sure that everyone who is an Alumni is missing the blue skies and fresh air which Xizhou has to offer.