Day 26: Service Learning Sharing

Today is the last full day of the trip. We made our way around the village and said goodbye to our friends here. We also had a trip to Dali Old Town tonight, and that was really fun. The highlight of the day was sharing our Service Learning video with our Service Learning partner as well as some other guests. We gave a DVD of our video as well as a bag of fruits to our Service Learning partner. It was interesting to watch the guests watch our video as we were sitting in the front of the room with our backs towards the screen. Today was a very emotional day as it was our last full day in the village. I believe I will miss Xizhou. 

Hi everybody! My name is Kevin Gu, and I'm an 8th grader at Shanghai American School Pudong. I was a member of the Revival Microcampus group. I was born in Virginia, but moved to Hong Kong when I was 6 months old. 4 years later, our family moved to Shanghai, which is where we live now. Some of my hobbies are tennis, reading, and playing the trumpet. I have left Xizhou, and it was a great village. Microcampus was a great experience and it helped me a lot.