Day 26: Service Learning Reflection

After the completion of our Service Learning video, it was time for it to be shown to our audience as well as our partner: Yang Ye Ye. Luckily he was in good shape when we asked him if he would come. This is because when Mr. Yang's children are with him, it typically means that he is suffering health issues (Cerebral Insufficiency), and his children were with him. Audrey and I were incredibly frightened when we saw his children, both for the sake of the showing and the sake of his health. Fortunately, Mr. Yang was feeling better on the day of departure. Firstly, we brought Mr. Yang over to Yangzhuoran and briefed him about what the experience might be like. After that, it was time to show him, as well as others our videos. The first video we watched was Mia, Marco, and Debbie's Service Learning video; then we moved onto ours. When it was our turn, Audrey and I stepped up to the "stage" and formally introduced ourselves. The "stage" is basically the front of the room. When we went up, our job was to sit on a bench and observe our Service Learning partner watching our video. The goal of this was to try and understand what our Service Learning partner was thinking regarding our video.

After that, it was time to start our video. It started out with Mr. Yang possessing a passive look on his face. After a minute, Mr. Yang started mouthing something. In my perspective, it looked like he was talking along with the video, but I was not sure. I still do not know if he was mumbling with the video or not. After that, the video went on to talk about his life and his family. From there on out, he kept a passive face and watched (not with disdain or intent). Based off of his facial expressions, I could not get a grasp on how he was feeling about our video. Every few minutes, he would start to fidget. At the time of watching him, I thought this was a natural behavior. However, once I got time to think about it a little bit, I started to think that what we were saying might have made him uncomfortable. I think that when we were making the video, we put in too many details about him and politics. One of the reasons for why Mr. Yang may have felt uncomfortable was because of politics. When Audrey and I were talking with him, he told us that he hated talking about politics and he hated lashing out at the government. However, after our video played, Mr. Yang had a slight grin on his face, and from that, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment.
My name is Jason M. and I am from Carmel, Indiana. I am currently attending SAS Pudong and I am almost at the end of eighth grade. The experience that I got from the journey to Xizohu was probably one of the best that I have had. I am really proud that I attended Microcampus, and that is because I learned a lot of not only myself but Xizhou as well. The trip to Xizhou yielded several different small experiences that added up to one huge journey. Hopefully, I can pay another visit to Xizhou sometime.