Day 26: Service Learning Reflection

My Service Learning project was completed this morning. It took a lot of effort from our team and especially from Hillary and Kevin who had to translate and edit and edit the Chinese footage. Now it is all done. Later into the day we watched our partner for the project as she watched our video. She was very impressed with our video.  She admitted that she did not tell us about her past because she thought that we were spies from the Chinese government. 

It was nice having our Service Learning partner watch our video. As previously stated she was very impressed by our video. While she was here we gave her and the other Service Learning partners tea and snacks. The project was a lot of work.  It was all worth it in the end to see our final product being watched by our partner.

One of the hardest parts of the project was to find the partner. We were looking around for days to try and find someone who would be our partner. The other hardest part was the editing, I did not have that large of a role in the editing process though because I am not the best Chinese speaker in our group. 

Tomorow, we get to go home and see our families again. I am excited to be with my friends and family again soon.

I am 13. I went on a trip to Xizhou in November/December of 2016. This was my first time being outside of a major city in China. It also was the longest time I had been away from my family at that point. I had a great month out in Xizhou and I was sad when I had to leave. Microcampus was a once in a lifetime experience and I am glad that I went.