Day 26: Service Learning Reactions

I was really nervous to see what people's reactions are to our service learning video, but in the end, it was really successful. People seemed like they were enjoying it, and I actually enjoyed seeing people's reactions to our video. I thought that people would have black faces when watching, but then had really pleasant faces and happy faces. 

When I saw my partner rocking her legs, it was as if she was back in her childhood again, even if it was not very pleasant. She kept talking with her cousin, who was also a service learning partner. She had a smile on her face the entire time, and she looked very happy. It made me feel proud that she enjoyed our video, and was our service learning video. 

Hey guys! I'm Joanne, and I'm 14 years old, and this is my 8th year at SAS. I was born in the US, but now I live and go to school in Shanghai. Being in Xizhou is amazes me, and I am thrilled to be able to be chosen to go on this trip to Xizhou. On this trip, I mainly want to learn about the arts and culture at Xizhou. I hope to get to bond with others and have fun on this trip to Xizhou.