Day 26: Service Learning Project

December 14th, day 26 in Microcampus. Today is our last full day in Microcampus, and the last night we sleep in our Xizhou home. We shared our Service Learning Project to whomever decides to come and we invited our partners to come as well. Our video was a little different from other groups. It took the path of telling other people the story and giving them a first person view of the Culture revolution and the hardest part of our partners life. It was quite emotional and I could tell that the audience was effectted quite strongly by the video. During other videos the audience was relaxed, they would talk and comment during the video. During our video; however, the audience was dead silent. I think that our video was really well done and will set out as an example for future groups. Today was as usual a busy schedule with the Dali Old Town trip and Service Learning Sharing, but in the middle always a tint of sadness in air(at least for me). The fortunate gift of being able for it to be so hard to say good bye. Because it is truely a gift, that many do not have. I will miss you Xizhou, and like the day 27 DVSO, good bye, and I will miss you!


Hi everyone, My name is Jerry. I'm 13 and quite tall for the age, yet light for the height. I've traveled through a lot of places in China, Although most of the places are cities with towering skyscrapers and the sound of traffic. I want to try something a little different this time. So I have decided to join the Revival group of Microcampus. It was fun and very exciting to participate in. I faced many problems, many challenges, a lot of hate from my group mates. But it is how I overcome those challenges and problems that made this unique, and forever in my memory.