Day 26: Service Learning Presentation


Today is day 26 of Microcampus. Today, we all shared our Service Learning videos with our Service Learning partners and other members of the community. This was a very great experience for all of us because it gave us a chance to show our gratitude to the village for welcoming us and being so kind. After lunch, we walked to our Service Learning partners home to pick them up and any other people they wanted to come. Sadly, our Service Learning partner was not in Xizhou today, so she was unable to come. However we still got to share our video with the other members of the community which was a really great experience. Although our Service Learning partner was not at the sharing event, I am still very glad that we met her. She welcomed us into her home and started talking to us about her life story immediately. Her personality was amazing and she reminded us about the importance of happiness


During the sharing ceremony, we all sat in classroom 1 and projected our videos on to the wall. When we were presenting our own Service Learning video, we hat to sit on a bench facing the audience and not the screen. This was because we should be focused in the way the audience views our video instead of the video we have already seen a bunch of times. When our video started and the picture of our Service Learning partner showed up, the members of the community immediately knew who he was and started saying her name and other things I could not understand. This showed how wholesome the community is, because everyone knows everyone. Their expressions showed a new insight on to Mrs. Yang's life and I could tell they were very interested about what we had to share  

Hi everyone, my name is Claire. I am part of the Revival Microcampus group. I am originally from the United States, most recently Dallas,Texas, however this is my forth year living in China. My passions include soccer, volleyball, traveling and photography. Microcampus has been the experience of a lifetime. XiZhou is absolutely beautiful and the people are incredibly kind and welcoming. I loved all 28 days I spent in the village and wish there were so many more. Through my time in XiZhou, I learned so much about Chinese culture, my Inquiry Project topic, and myself. Microcampus was remarkable opportunity and I will cherish it forever.