Day 26: Positive Impact

This is the day that I really felt like, “Wow, we have left a positive impact on Xizhou.” This afternoon my group, Vicky, Brandon, and myself, presented our video we made to our Service Learning elder. Their was some misty eyes in the crowd today. All of the partners that each group had were amazing and inspiring. Mrs. Dou, our partner, was non stop smiling during the movie. She loved how we showed her that even selling tofu for 30 years of your life that their is a lot to say. Vicky and I wheeled her cart all the way from Si Fang Jie to YZR. All the people were staring at us, but Mrs. Dou, Vicky, and I were determined. All the movies really were great. One group interviewed our guard and neighbor, Mr. Zhao. He said that he is going to miss us and that we have left a positive impact on him and the community. He was even crying a bit during the presentation. I feel so glad that we end our trip on this note.


A month has been so fast... I

A month has been so fast... I still remember the Saturday you guys left. I also saw the service learning videos and I thought they were great. :) I can't believe you guys are coming back. Like actually coming back. Now, all those days of waiting for you guys to come home seemed like a distant dream. I know you guys will probably miss microcampus a lot, and for that, I wished that you guys could have stayed longer (not because I don't want you back, we all miss you very very much) and experience even more!

Have a safe flight back! See you at school

Hey guys, I'm Alex! I lived in Washington D.C, US for 11 years and have lived in Shanghai for almost 3 years now. I love to travel, eat, and learn about new things! I am here at Xizhou and loving it. The highlights are the kind people, the blue skies and starry nights, delicious food, and the outdoors. So far, thumbs up! It feels like it is going by too fast