Day 26: Bonds & Ties

Harry, Alina, Narelle, and I went to pick Mr. Du Xing Long up at his home. We travelled to Sifang Jie and continued walking towards the market. Then we made a right turn at a junction and Mr. Du was standing there, all ready to go. He seemed really excited. I asked whether his wife would be going but he said she was too busy today. We took about ten minutes to get to the Linden Centre. When we got there, it was two fifty-nine, we were just on time. We hurried to the TV room and the Annual Service Learning Presentation has begun.

First up was Matthew's team, sadly their partner did not come. Next was Austin's team. Their service learning partner was Mrs. Yang the teacher. She was very old but she was very knowledgeable. After that was Mr. Li; he brought some pamphlets for us all. He claimed that if you can read the whole thing, you are a genius. Last but not least was our service learning partner, Mr. Du Xing Long. I could see him anxiously waiting for this moment. I really hoped I did not disappoint him. Mr. Tafel took off the green Taidai which was covering the screen and the video began. Harry, Alina, Narelle, and I were on a lookout for errors. And in fact, the first slide which said our names, had my Chinese name spelled wrongly. My Chinese name was supposed to be 刘育涵 not 刘玉罕. That made me sad. We carried on with the movie and we found some slides in which we cannot see his face. That was bad too.

Even though we had many mistakes, we still put in a lot of hard work. I really hope Mr. Du was not disappointed. At least the translation was pretty accurate. I am really happy that I got to do something like this. In school, there is no such time to interact with locals and make a movie about their lives. Plus, in Shanghai, people would judge you if you try to interview them. This is a really great opportunity and I wish every Microcampus student would enjoy it.

I'm Wayne and I am 13. I love to adventure because it spices up my life. I have been to many places in my life but never had I gone to a place like Xizhou. Microcampus has changed me inside-out, brought me laughter and glee, and taught me many life lessons that I will remember forever. I am so glad that I had made the decision to go on this trip. This experience is truly unforgettable.