Day 25: The Weather In Our Home

Today is Day 25, December 12th. There are 3 more days of this great experience. During still time today, I decided to notice patterns and movements in the sky. It was nice to sit there and enjoy the nice breeze and weather. If it were not for still time I would not have taken time to look up at the sky, look and observe. There were not many clouds this morning, but at midday, they started showing up and the sun was really bright. At noon, we could still see part of the moon as the clouds were not fulling showing yet. When we looked out into the distance we could barely see the trees as there was a lot of fog today. On a different note, today was the check-in for our final service learning videos. We first checked it with Mr. Tafel, and then with a fluent Chinese speaker, and then with Mr. Tafel again at the end of all our final revisions. Tomorrow will be the final service learning video sharing and I look forward to watching our partner watch the video.

Hello everyone, my name is Nina A. I am proud to say that I was part of the 2017 Ultimate Pudong Microcampus trip. There are so many things that we have taken away from this amazing 28-day experience. Something that our 'U' group and every other Microcampus group is definitely missing is the blue skies and the white and puffy clouds.