Day 25: Service Learning Reviews

Today in Microcampus, we once again worked on our Service Learning project, which had many problems such as bad subtitles and bad grammar. Although we did not spot it in the beginning,when we let Mr. Tafel review the movie, he saw all the mistakes and pointed us out to that. After letting Mr. T give us many pearls of wisdom on our Service Learning film, we had to work and fix the film. The process was very slow and painful. When we went to Mr. Tafel for the second review, he found other mistakes that were caused by us solving the previous problems carelessly. After realizing our own mistakes, Mr. T told us that we needed a third review, but that never came, because Mr. T had to go do a presentation at the Linden Centre and he cannot review our movie, I hope that he can review it tomorrow. We are now 3 more days away from the end of Microcampus. 

My name is Norman and I am 13 years old, I was in Xizhou for 28 days, this experience has taught me many things, I will forever treasure this experience, Microcampus will always have a special place in my heart.