Day 25: Service Learning

XizhouOur service learning project is due today. Service learning is about 4 students going out to the village and interviewing a local person that is above 65 years of age. My group, finally finished our whole service learning project today. The person that we interviewed is Mr. Zhang and he is 79 years of age. He was very open on with us, as we asked many questions and he answered all of them very well. Tomorrow is when we can finally get to show Mr. Zhang this video that we have been working on. He can come to Yang Zhuo Ran with his family members and come enjoy some snacks while watching this clip that we made about the questions and answers that he told us.

Hi! My name is Claire and I was born in Connecticut and lived there for about 7 years. Afterwards I moved to Shanghai and lived there until now. Xizhou was a very nice place to explore and a great place to learn about culture. I hope that in the future that I can come back and visit this beautiful village!