Day 25: Mr. T's Wizz-Bang All Star Super Duper Trivia Night

Today, we worked for a long time on our Service Learning videos. We had 3 checks with Mr. T in the morning, Ms. Song, then a last check by Mr. T. It was very tiring and stressful since our plot did not flow together. We did some heavy editing to make it work out. The improvement of our video was quite unbelieveable. I almost gave up on my project when until we swtiched the plot and it became much better. I am now feeling better and happier about our Service Learning Partner.

Trivia night was really fun. We won with Sofie on our team. It was really fun and intense. We are the only group to have a second trivia night. The intensity of the trivia night made it even more fun. Also of course our amazing host for the night was the best.

My name is Annie Y. I am part of the Superior Microcampus group. As of March 4, 2017, I arrived in Xizhou. We stayed in Xizhou for 28 days. Those 28 days has been such a unforgettable experience. I got to connect with the people here. They were very nice and welcoming. The weather was really nice. There was pretty blue skies and puffy white clouds. I miss everything about Xizhou and the Microcampus experience.