Day 25: Inquiry is Done!

Today I finished my inquiry project! I think that deserves an applause. This morning after our science discussion I went straight to work on trying to finish my video. I got a lot work done in the morning and I planned everything so that I would have time to do the reflection this afternoon. I filmed everything I needed during lunch and after lunch and I was ready to get it approved by Mr. T. Sarah and Gayatri then came running to me saying we had our couselor check-in right that instant. We talked to Mr. Letiecq for a while and then I was back to inquriy. Mr. T looked over my video and said that everything was basically fine except for a few final touches. I rushed to do my reflection for inquiry and after that was done I went on to service learning. Finally after my movie exported I uploaded it to the website and posted everything for a final teacher review. I feel so accomplished after that and I am so happy I finally got it done and that it looks good. Check out my final inquiry product here


Congratulations on finishing

Congratulations on finishing your inquiry project, Aneka! I had a quick look & am impressed that you found so much info on your topic of interest. I will go back to read it closer tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing your service learning project too! And to having you back home in 3 days!! Love, Mom

Congratulationa, Aneka!

Very creative presentation! We loved reading about your project. Can't wait to see the photos and learn more about your month at microcampus. Love, Grammy and Poppop

My name's Aneka and I'm 14 years old. I was born in Mumbai, India and have lived in Mexico, Shanghai and now North Carolina. I was at SAS for eight years before moving to the U.S at the end of my eighth grade year. I love XiZhou and miss it so much! I hope I can go back there again some day and visit all my favorite places and eat all my favorite foods(Yum!) I am so grateful for this wonderful experience and I hope that everyone who goes gets as much if not more out of it then I did.