Day 25: Ghost.

There was a ghost.

I was playing cards with Lily H. and Aria F. in the dark, undisturbed. Only light source was Lily's computer.

We did this in order to not get noticed by others, so then we can have some quiet time and space.

Before this happened, we opened the lights to check the room. The side door in Classroom 2 was closed. Windows all closed.

Yet when we were about to leave the room at 8:24 and opened up the lights to clean up, we found the side door open. One of the windows slid open as well.

The wind was never strong tonight.

Someone opened the door when we were playing, the window too.

No one else was at Yangzhuoran at the time except Ethan, Brandt, and Sunny, who were playing Settlers of Catan the whole time. Everyone else was at the mosque.

There was a ghost.

Hey I am Clark! Microcampus has been a spectacular experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. This experience transformed me and taught me many life lessons. Now that I am in Shanghai, I miss the clear skies, the amazing food, and all the loving memories the Voyagers crew had together. To future Microcampus students: cherish your time in Xizhou and always listen to Mr. T and Ms. Mai, as they are trying to stop a problem before it becomes one.