Day 25: Finishing Up

Today was one of the busiest days that I have ever had at Microcampus. This day was spent working on Service Learning, and tons of effort went into it. Firstly, when I woke up in the morning, I had a couple of hours to work on my Service Learning with Audrey before our first "Pearls of Wisdom" session. Unfortunately, the first session did not go incredibly well. However, the second and third session went exceptionally well, and I am incredibly proud about that. After spending hours and hours over my Service Learning video, we got an exceptional ending, as well as the other group. Be sure to check out our Service Learning videos when you get the chance. They will be posted up soon.

My name is Jason M. and I am from Carmel, Indiana. I am currently attending SAS Pudong and I am almost at the end of eighth grade. The experience that I got from the journey to Xizohu was probably one of the best that I have had. I am really proud that I attended Microcampus, and that is because I learned a lot of not only myself but Xizhou as well. The trip to Xizhou yielded several different small experiences that added up to one huge journey. Hopefully, I can pay another visit to Xizhou sometime.