Day 25: Final Edits

After receiving the pearls of wisdom from Mr. T, Jason and I spent the rest of the day editing our Service Learning video. The main issue with our video were subtitles and photos. On Jason's laptop, where we edited the video, subtitles were disappearing here and there, which made us pretty frustrated. The other difficulty with subtitles was that it was difficult for us to understand our Service Learning partner. Jason and I had trouble interpreting Mr. Yang's dialect, which may have resulted in inaccurate information. With the photos, we did not have enough, and this made it difficult for us to keep our audience interested. However, we were surprised to hear that Mr. T and Ms. Song did not find it tedious or boring. In fact, Mr. T told us that we selected interesting scenes. 

I am Audrey T, an 8th grader from Shanghai American School. I have returned from a 28 day trip to Xizhou, and it was a wonderful experience! I will never forget the friendly locals and the stunning view. Special thanks to Mr. T and Ms. Mai for making this wonderful trip happen!