Day 24: Wrapping Up

Today was the last day for us to finish our inquiry projects. All the hard work of these three weeks will finally pay off. In the beginning of Microcampus, I was a little behind on my work so I knew that I needed to work hard in order to finish what I came here for. For the first 2 weeks, I have been working the full 2 hours in WIPPIS time to try to catch up and be on top of my work. I made it and I also got to explore Xizhou during that as did everyone else. I am actually done working on my final phase and I am proud for catching up with everybody even though if it was hard work.


Hi! My name is Claire and I was born in Connecticut and lived there for about 7 years. Afterwards I moved to Shanghai and lived there until now. Xizhou was a very nice place to explore and a great place to learn about culture. I hope that in the future that I can come back and visit this beautiful village!