Day 24 : Service Learning + Surprise Visit

Today started off in a bad way. Half of the group, including me, got in trouble because we left our computers in our room. We were told at the beginning of the trip that we aren't allowed to keep computers in our room but we didn't follow the instruction and even lied to cover our mistake.

During our daily meeting, we got a "surprise" visit from Ms. Yo and Ms. Ling. They arrived at Xizhou yesterday and was caught up with up with all our good and bad behaviors while having dinner with Mr. Tafel. Ms. Yo had lunch with Michael and I and told us news that happened in Shanghai. She brought us doughnuts but because of what happened this morning, we weren't allowed to have it anymore so she ate most of it. 

This afternoon was very hectic since my group spent the whole time working on our final Service Learning video. I was really stressed because I was doing most of the work; editing, translating it to English, translating it to Chinese. After finishing half of the work, I took and the break had a sweet cup of dark hot chocolate.

At last, during evening activity today, we went to the fields to stargaze. Ana, Ms. Yo, Ms. Ling, and Mr. Tafel also came along and we went to another close by village. The whole sky was filled with stars. We saw the North Star, the Seven Sisters, the eye of el LeBron, Capello, Vega, and others. It was amazing to see so many stars in the sky as you can never see any stars in big cities like Hongkong, Taiwan, and Shanghai!

Hey guys! My name is Hayley and I am now an alumni of the 21-st Ultimate Group. I enjoy playing volleyball, making Youtube Videos and cooking in my free time. My journey at Microcampus has been amazing and through the up's and down's, I learned so much about my inquiry project, the village, the citizens and most of all, myself. I will never forget my home away from home, Xizhou with its delicious food, blue skies, stars and kind locals. 喜州,我想你!