Day 24: Pizza

The day proceeded with Service Learning video editing, which, to our surprise, took a long time. Deciding which scene, which detail to include required a lot of thought. The five of us were very grateful for Ms. Mai's treat today: getting pizza from Old Town Snacks. After a long day of working and editing, we were treated to cheesy pizza and icy lemonade. The dinner tables were filled with energy, joy, and puns. Which was no surprise since most meals with Mr. T and Mia included lengthy pun battles. The rest of the group seemed to enjoy the puns and often contribute to it. However, Debbie and I are not as fond of it as the rest. Regardless, we were all thankful that we were given the opportunity (Thank you, Ms. Mai!) to relax and unwind after a stressful day of work.

I am Audrey T, an 8th grader from Shanghai American School. I have returned from a 28 day trip to Xizhou, and it was a wonderful experience! I will never forget the friendly locals and the stunning view. Special thanks to Mr. T and Ms. Mai for making this wonderful trip happen!