Day 24: Jim Carrey

We had our 2nd movie night tonight. We watched Ace Venture, Pet Detective starring Jim Carrey. I had seen it before but I was not dissapointed when I saw it again, it was still extremely funny. I always liked Jim Carrey movies, and have not been dissapointed by one yet. I was Ace Ventura for Halloween. The first movie night we had was also a Jim Carrey movie. We also had an intermission this time where we ate some cookies and moon pies. Thank you Microcampus and thank you Jim Carrey.

Hi, my name is Cole and I am a student, who is a part of an amazing experience known as "Microcampus". What I and my peers are doing is going out to a village called Xizhou. In Xizhou we will be escaping the "bubble" we live in in Shanghai. In Xizhou I am and will continue to experience real Chinese culture.