Day 24: Everything is Coming to an End

When I was finishing my final product this afternoon, I realized how much I love my project. I never knew how much passion I have until I started writing about it. I got a final approval from Mr. Tafel with many of his compliments, and I felt really accomplished. I really, really like this feeling. The whole evening, I felt so good. The feeling of accomplishment is by far my most favorite feeling. I went to dinner in a really good mood. For the rest of the day, even when I went to sleep, I have a smile on my face.


I'm Wayne and I am 13. I love to adventure because it spices up my life. I have been to many places in my life but never had I gone to a place like Xizhou. Microcampus has changed me inside-out, brought me laughter and glee, and taught me many life lessons that I will remember forever. I am so glad that I had made the decision to go on this trip. This experience is truly unforgettable.