Day 23: What Happened Yesterday

I am a silly goose.

You know, school is actually very very important, especially kindergarten and first grade. Why? Because in kindergarten they teach you how to read the analog clock, ride a bike and to tell your left from right. So my problem here is that I can't do them, or well, it just takes me longer than usual. Those things are just simple things children learn when they are young like tying shoelaces, but if they don't learn it, they would still survive in the world, they just have to find some time to learn it later on.

Anyways, back to myself being a silly goose... On Saturday, Nike and I were heading out for a bike ride to get our final time in zone (our 20 minutes exercise). We walked our bikes out of YZR and headed off. My bike was bike 7 (I believe) and it felt weird.

My parents, as awesome as they are, never really taught me how to ride a bike. There was this one time, where I think they attempted to, but then soon lost interest. So I had to learn how to ride bikes by myself. To most people out there, they may think I am weird for not knowing how to ride a bike, but honestly, living in Shanghai and farther away from school, it disallows me to practice my bike riding skills. But nonetheless, I learnt last year from a friend, it was a wondrous 5 minute lesson.

Back to the story now, bike 7, as Nike told me later on, was more of a racing bike because the handlebars were lower and the seat was higher (I believe). That explained why I thought it was a "weird" bike. So I was using the racing bike and we rode off, I was in front. Then as I was riding along, I saw there were three possible ways to go, so I asked Nike if we should go left or right. She yelled something but I didn't hear what exactly it was so I said, "Left?" then she said, "Yeah. Right" Then I became confused because I wasn't sure if she was saying "yes, let's go left" OR "no, let's go right". So adding my novice skills of bike riding to my confusion, I lost control of the bike and fell onto the hard concrete ground. It was riddiculous because I was riding super slowly, yet I still fell. Oh sigh. And the weird thing was, after I fell, I started laughing like a chicken. It was really rather strange, I have to say.

Long story short, I scraped up and skinned my right elbow. It isn't that bad. Oh yeah, funny story. When Ms. Mai attempted to clean my wound with alcoholic wipe thing, it stung so horribly that I almost cried like a little girl.

Ok, last thing. This is to all parents out there. Remember to teach your child how to tell their left from right without using the L and backwards L hand guesture thing because it doesn't work while their riding a bike. And also, teach them how to ride a bike too to avoid this ruckus.



Oh Peyton you make me chuckle with your chicken laugh. :D :D When you were getting your "medical attention" you were screaming like a dying meer cat. Does that work? idk. Anyways, now your pants are all dirty. THATS OKAY. Today, I shall teach you how to tell your left from your right.


Nike the Sloth 


P.S. I am currently watching you trying to recite the abcs. Its not working. Oh my. 

Geez, I hope you are okay.

Geez, I hope you are okay. How was it in XiZhou? What's it like to be back in Shanghai? If I ever go on microcampus in 8th grade, I'd better remember to be aware of my left and right. :D

Hi I'm Peyton, and I was part of the B4 Microcampus group (March-April 2013). The Microcampus experience was really amazing and I was so glad that I was a part of the B4 Microcampus group. My Inquiry project wason Traditional Chinese Medicine. Please feel free to look at my blog posts anytime!