Day 23: We Met The Fly Swatter

After getting back from dinner, I decided to work on my inquiry project. I noticed that a really good filming spot to record my voice, was our bathroom. While I was in there, a bug, "yay" big, came flying in from a rectangular hole that connects to the kitchen. I quickly ran out and called Riko and Cara. Cara came with a fly swatter and brought Shannon along. Riko was already in the room, laughing at me. I told them what had happened and where the bug was. Shannon scurried into our bathroom and started swatting at the fly. She kept missing and ended up hitting everything but the fly. 3 minutes went by and Shannon still did not kill the bug. Then, Cara came into the scene. She was eager to kill the fly. Shannon handed her the fly swatter and Cara carefully watched it, planning her attack. The bug flew just high enough for Cara to reach. She took a baseball swing and demolished the bug in a matter of time. RIP Buggy. RIP. 

My name is Sydney F. and I'm currently 12 years old. (Turning 13 after we come back from Microcampus!) I have been at SAS since the middle of 6th grade, so almost 2 years. Some of my interests include listening to music, playing all sports, reading books, and being with my friends and family. I enjoy traveling and experiencing different life styles and that is one of the reasons I joined this program. Microcampus was a great experience and I am glad I got to share it with the people I did. I look forward to coming back to Xizhou some day.