Day 23: Service Learning

Today we are going to work on our Service Learning Projects. We are creating our story boards and those are what we use to show Mr. T what the flow of our actual finished product will be. We already finished half of the story board. What we have to do now is look at the videos that we took of our partner and translate the questions, then put those questions in the story board. Our plan is to finish that pretty early this afternoon so that we are able to do other things on the wrapping up lists. My plan for the rest of the afternoon is to do that and then work on my video corrections that I received from Mr. T. I also want to look at my Phases that I have done in the past so that I can spell check those and make any corrections that are needed!

Hi, my name is Imani. I am 13 years old and this is my 2nd year at SAS. I was born in Michigan and I lived there my whole life until I moved to China 3 years ago. Some of the passions I have are playing soccer, dancing and traveling to many places around the world. One of my favorite places to go is Thailand. I was part of the Revival Microcampus group. I went to Microcampus on November 19, 2016 along with 9 other students from the Shanghai American School Pudong Campus. I enjoyed my time in XiZhou and learned many things about myself and the community that I was living in during the experience. This is definitely an experience to remember and I have nothing to regret by deciding to go on the trip. Thank you XiZhou and everyone who makes Microcampus possible for the chance of a lifetime. Definitely something that I will never forget.