Day 23: Personal Journey

As the third week of Microcampus comes to an end, we all rush to complete our Inquiry Project and begin our Service Learning. It was a stressful day, all of us with our noses in our laptops. In the morning, we had to meet with Mr. T for theĀ pearls of wisdom on our final product. The goal of this was to get feedback on our inquiry video. I ended up with an abundant amount of feedback for my video since my product lacked personal journey. The personal journey is a great part of Microcampus. Because this 28-day trip does not only build on our knowledge, but also on our personality and perspective. I learned how sharing what you learned (direct facts) would not be as interesting as what you have learned about yourself.


I am Audrey T, an 8th grader from Shanghai American School. I have returned from a 28 day trip to Xizhou, and it was a wonderful experience! I will never forget the friendly locals and the stunning view. Special thanks to Mr. T and Ms. Mai for making this wonderful trip happen!