Day 23: Mrs. Deng

Today is Day 23 of Microcampus. Our Final Products are being reviewed by Mr. T's Peals of Wisdom. All the work that remains for Inquiry Work is my Reflection. I find it crazy that there are only 5 days left and that today is the last Sunday of the trip. After I get my Inquiry Work knocked out of the was, all that will remain is Service Learning. Today, Lexi, Jerry and I made our storyboard and rated the questions and answers our service learning partner, Mrs. Deng. 3 times, my service learning group have inquired her. First at her work, second at her work again, third at her work for the third time. The last time we spoke to Mrs. Deng, was at her home. She was very opened hearted and offered lots of food. She showed us around her home and very openly shared her past with us. She has great memory of when she was young and described how she felt about her family. Mrs. Deng is certainly a survivor and finds pride in it. This has been my Day 23 of Microcampus. 


Inquiry project


I really enjoyed your final inquiry video. I can't imagine being a teen with so much technology. I spent a lot of my youth reading, painting, writing stories, biking, enjoying the life around me except for when I was allowed to watch MTV which just began playing videos. Video never really did kill the radio star though. I'm sure others will enjoy your video. I've only had a chance to watch your video and Colin's video. You have accomplished a lot and I'm sure you are very proud of your hard work.

Have a wonderful final 2 days there.

Colin's mom

Hello I am Anne-Marie. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. This is my first year at SAS and I am enjoying it. My hobbies are volleyball, reading and traveling around the globe. I am currently on Microcampus and enjoying it. The people, air, market and Linden Center are all great welcomes to this wonderful village. I am enjoying and already wishing that this trip is longer than a month.