Day 23: The End... Beg(end)ing?

December 11th , the 23rd day of Microcampus. Haha, yeah I am horrible with puns, I think I deserve a pun-ishment... (Drop the mic) Ok yeah enough with the bad puns, I will just jump to the pun-chline. Yeah, I am done, but the pun in the title was meant to say, that this may be the ending of Microcampus. It is not an ending to our lives, in shanghai and our lives. We keep talking about ending strong. But this is not an ending, it really is a new beginning. Yup, the most cliché thing that I can think of. Kind of true. We finished our Sevice Learning storyboard, and we are basically done with our Final Products. Today is our last Sunday, I can't believe that we only have 3 days left. We plan to finish our Service Learning tomorrow.



Hi everyone, My name is Jerry. I'm 13 and quite tall for the age, yet light for the height. I've traveled through a lot of places in China, Although most of the places are cities with towering skyscrapers and the sound of traffic. I want to try something a little different this time. So I have decided to join the Revival group of Microcampus. It was fun and very exciting to participate in. I faced many problems, many challenges, a lot of hate from my group mates. But it is how I overcome those challenges and problems that made this unique, and forever in my memory.