Day 23: "Cherish your last bacons"

This Sunday, Inquiry Project is due. Service Learning filming is due. Service Learning story board is due. And my room has laundry. Busy day, indeed.
Apart from all my work, the highlight of my day was my breakfast. As today is our last weekend, this is also the last day we have bacon in breakfast. Today after I woke up, I went to the dining room and the fragrance of bacon+maple syrup enveloped me. Suddenly, I realized that there would be no more bacon for breakfast after today. I brushed my teeth and went to the dining hall again. I took one pancake and two pieces of bacon. Delicious!
Later, a few more fellow voyagers poured in. One of my unnamed friends swarmed over to the bacon stall and took 12 pieces of bacon altogether, 2 each time. I sighed. Apparently, afterwards many people did not get to eat bacon, because all of them were eaten by the early birds. No comment from me.


Hey I am Clark! Microcampus has been a spectacular experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. This experience transformed me and taught me many life lessons. Now that I am in Shanghai, I miss the clear skies, the amazing food, and all the loving memories the Voyagers crew had together. To future Microcampus students: cherish your time in Xizhou and always listen to Mr. T and Ms. Mai, as they are trying to stop a problem before it becomes one.