Day 22:

Yes. Read the title people and don't ask why since I'm going to explain. If I wasn't going to then what's the point of the title. Logic people. Logic. (forgive me for my crankiness. I am NOT in a good mood) Anyways today started out nice. I was able to wake up after 8:00 A.M. I was able to do some great things with my inquiry project and service learning project. I had some good laughs, played some badminton and I had a lot of great food. And then everything just had to turn upside down just after I had dinner. For meals today, we went to Ms. Ma's house for some muslim food. The boys during lunch time and the girls during dinner. The food was great and we had a nice time. Then AFTER that happened, the "issue" occurred. After our meal, we went to a mosque but it was closed so we were heading back to YZR. I was talking with Vicky and then I realized, my phone was missing. Yes that is what made this day so bad. My phone had gone missing. I was sure I had it with me the whole time. I remembered placing it in my right pocket of my hoodie (you see my stupid mistake happened here. A little advice to everyone: DON'T PUT THINGS IN YOUR POCKETS UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP LIKE ME) and walking down the alleyway. I even remembered taking it out to put it into my pocket again. But I just HAD to lose it (I'm sorry mom. Sorry dad. Yes I was being irresponsible :(. When calling me, just remember to dial Sujin's phone number. Not mine) and I was so annoyed. And another stupid thing I did was that I had kept it on vibrate (Another piece of advice: DON'T DO THIS EITHER). The girls, being nice, helped me try to find it and they tried calling it with their own phone. One of them called Mr. T and informed him about our situation. We basically traced back my steps, asked the people around if they had seen my phone and kept calling it to see if there was any outcome. But we couldn't find it on the place where we had walked, nobody had seen it and there was no answer. We basically repeated this whole process for about an hour (I'm exaggerating. It was only around.....45mins). Then suddenly, my phone had turned off and then turned back on again. Me, knowing my phone quite well knew that this meant that somebody had probably picked it up and put it in their pocket because the on-off button was very sensitive. And then as we were looking around once again, Nike and Sujin told me that the phone was out of service meaning that there was no signal at the place it was at. With this, I assumed that somebody had picked up my phone and moved it to another location. According to Alex, this was like a mystery case and yes indeed, it was. In the end, we gave up on finding my phone and I called my mom using Sujin's. I was practically in tears before I called her (sorry WAS in tears). My mom told me to be careful and that I should be more responsible next time. After that she called me (actually called Sujin) telling me that she had suspended my account/phonenumber so that nobody would go around using it. As she was calling me, I was finding ways to find my phone using the internet. I found all these apps that could help me with finding my phone, BUT they had to be downloaded BEFORE I lost my phone. Well now I guess that's just the end of that phone since there is no possible way to find it now. Oh and I will say one thing: THAT WAS THE FIRST PHONE THAT I HAVE EVER LOST (I don't know if I should be proud of that though...)


Lost and Found

Aw... I'm sorry you lost your phone. :( Sometimes, when I lose things... I can never EVER find it again, it's like my stuff grew legs and ran off, but they turn up after some time, by itself. Hopefully you'll spot your phone again before you leave Xizhou. Good luck.

See you after Spring Break!

Don't call it the worst day..

It was just an unfortunate day and you lost just a phone (uh... an expensive new one.... I know... but still that's just a phone). Mom is right - Forget about that and just enjoy the rest of the days in Dali.

Hope you had back up most of things and did not lose too many contents - I have an experience losing a lot of documents and photos - that's actually much more painful. But again you will forget about that too... soon...

Cheer yourself UP!!!

Hey I'm Clara. I'm an 8th Grader in Shanghai American School Puxi. I am Korean though I've lived in Korea for four years, the US for two, Singapore for six and Shanghai for about a year and a half. I love challenges and trying new things. I so excited about being in Xizhou.