Day 22: We found a Service-Learning Partner!

Today my group and I finally found a partner! Today I woke up very nervous with various thoughts in my head thinking I will not be able to make a service learning video if Wang Ye Ye says no. After breakfast, my group and I rush out of our home to the streets of SiFang Jie in hopes of our service learning partner says yes. We arrived at the Xizhou baba shop before he did, so we waited sitting on the table next to his store. When he arrived we all stood up and Chris L. explained to him about our project. Nina A. and I were both smiling anxiously in the back, but in no time he agreed! We were all very ecstatic as we finally found a partner. He had some free time when he got there as his store was not busy in the morning, we all rushed back home grabbed our equipment, questions, and our smiles to his shop. The rest of the day was normal after we filmed our video, but were all wearing giant smiles on our faces. 

Hi there! My name is Ana M. and I am a proud representative of the Ultimate Microcampus group! I was born in the United States, but since I was 4 I have been living in different places like Brazil and China. I am now back in Shanghai and I am getting used to my old schedule. Being a part of the November-December 2017 trip was the best decision I have ever made. I will remember the great and the not-so-great parts of the trip. I have been able to learn many life lessons and I hope to carry these forever. I am missing the fresh air, the delicious food, and being able to see the brightest stars at night!