Day 22: Service Learning Difficulties

Today, we had some service learning difficulties today. We made an appointment with Mr. Yang (the farmer) at 3, so we bought some fruit as a gift and walked over to his place. We knocked several times until someone finally answered. After several minutes, his wife answered the door. She didn't look as willing to let us into her home, so Xiao Tang had to explain to her that we weren't harmful people and that we just wanted to interview her husband. She wouldn't tell her where her husband went, so we just sat down and interviewed her instead. I don't think she trusted us at all, because she kept quiet when we asked him personal questions. Xiao Tang told her many times that we were just students from Shanghai that came to XiZhou to learn about their culture. When we asked her if we could video tape her, she shook her head. She declined, and kept saying that we couldn't interview her, or her husband. We left after about 20 minutes of trying to convince her. Xiao Tang went to find our security guard- Mr. Zhao to convince the wife, but he couldn't persuade her either. 

Apparently, the husband was upstairs in their room, "hiding" from us. The wife and husband had a big fight since the wife thought us video-taping them was dangerous, but the husband told her it was okay to film. This was the first time that our group had difficulties for service learning, and I understood what Mr. T meant by "interact with lots of people because you never know what emergencies will happen". In our case, this was the emergency! 

Hello! I'm a 14 year old eighth grader. I'm from Korea, and it is my 7th year in Shanghai. I was very excited to be a part of the September-October Microcampus trip. XiZhou is a peaceful, bright, and unique town with friendly locals and wonderful scenery, not to mention the night skies, stars and fresh air. This town offered me self-confidence, and let me try something different for a month. I wish luck (and lots of fun) to the next group who will be part of this remarkable journey!