Day 22: Hardwork

Today was a hardcore working and cleaning up day, I cleaned my room for an hour and filmed my Service Learning video with my partner. I finished my inquiry project video and the pearls of wisdom from Mr. T. I took many pictures in-house and out of the house


i see ur having lots of fun

i see ur having lots of fun and education in Microcampus with ur buddies XD MISS YOU LOTSSS, and i hope ur missing me too ;))
im happy that ur having great time, experiencing the new local chinese environment and atmosphere in there.
SEE YOU AFTER THE WINTER BREAK and have fun in rest of the journey too :))) xoxo, jiwoo



I hope you enjoy the final couple of days on your adventure. I've enjoyed your posts. I love this photo with the flowers. Thank you for sharing!

Colin's mom

I'm 13 years old and I was part of the Microcampus Revival Group. I was born in Singapore and lived in Hong Kong for 10 years and also I came to Shanghai last year in 7th grade. Living in China made my life more interesting, I learned much more about my Chinese part of culture. I hoped to learn more about China and not just about some big cities like Shanghai.