Day 22: Finding a New Service Learning Partner (Again!)

Today has been a very full day with so many ups and downs along the way. Today was the day when we were supposed to finish our filming for Service Learning. After lunch, Max, Justin, Angelesia, and I all headed over to our Service Learning partner's house. Just yesterday, she had agreed to be our partner, and said that we could come today to film. When we entered the house, she came up to us and told us that she knows someone who lives uphill, and would love to talk to us. She then said that she has no more time to help us film, and said she can not be our partner anymore. We then headed over to another area in which we met another nai nai. We talked to her for some time, and asked for her to be our Service Learning partner. She then told us that she was leaving Xizhou tomorrow, and does not know when she will return. We then left her place, and were unable to decide who would become our Service Learning partner. We thought that we should go and talk to Yan Ayi, since Angelesia already has a very strong connection with her. We went over to her house, and talked to her for a long time, and I really enjoyed having a conversation with her. However, once we left, we found she was unable to be a Service Learning partner since she is too young. On our way back from Yan Ayi's house, we stopped by Yang Nai Nai to talk. While we were talking, her younger sister stopped by, and talked to us for some time. We then went over to her shop, and asked her to be our Service Learning partner, and she said yes! Today has been a day filled with ups and downs, but I am still very happy with the end result! We have finally found a Service Learning partner!


I'm so glad that you

I'm so glad that you persevered through this! Yang Nai Nai next to the Linden Centre had been my Service Learning partner, and it took 6 tries for my group until we finally found someone who agreed. It is so great that your Service Learning partner is actually my previous Serve Learning partner's sister! I wish you and your group the best. Keep your head up, finish the second half strong, and always always always appreciate what you have accomplished. We are all counting down the days until you come back to Shanghai! (but you should not be counting down the should be making the days count). 

My name is Maya K, and I feel lucky to say that I was part of the O.R.E.O. Microcampus Group. I have been able to learn so much during this trip from being able to live outside the bubble that is Shanghai. Not only was I able to explore about my Inquiry Project topic, I was able to make connections with locals, and learn about myself. Going to Xizhou has been an experience that I will never forget, and I hope to go back and visit soon! Microcampus has truly been One Really Excellent Opportunity.