Day 22: Dr Zhao's House

Today Armin, Mark and I went to Dr. Zhao's pharmacy and while I talked to Dr. Zhao, they talked to Mr. Zhao for our Service Learning. Dr. Zhao answered my questions and then he invited me to his house to see his cows, dogs and granddaughter.

Once we arrived, he first showed me the cows. He told me that they milk the cows in the morning and bring the milk to the market to sell. The cows were really big and cute. Then he showed me his dogs, I only saw one dog and it was a german shepard. He was sleeping, so I didn't wake him. Then he told his granddaughter to come out.

She was 9 years old and extremely cute. She was a little shy so I had to ask her questions and talk to her. I showed her some pictures of my little sister who is also 9. She reminded me of my sister. :D Later on, her grandmother came in and she talked to me a little and said that I was very "neng gan". Soon, Dr. Zhao and I walked back to his pharmacy and Armin, Mark and I said our goodbyes, scheduled a meeting for tommorrow and left.

I have to say, Dr. Zhao and Mr. Zhao are very nice people. I am very glad that I met them.

Hi I'm Peyton, and I was part of the B4 Microcampus group (March-April 2013). The Microcampus experience was really amazing and I was so glad that I was a part of the B4 Microcampus group. My Inquiry project wason Traditional Chinese Medicine. Please feel free to look at my blog posts anytime!