Day 22: Completed!

Today is day 22 of Microcampus! Today is the last Saturday of the trip, and I spent pretty much the entire day working on my Final Product. It was completely worth it though, because now I am completely stress free and can edit the work in the hour we have tomorrow. The sharing my learning portion was the hardest because we had to not only write a script for a video, but record it and make it an iMovie. The reflection was also really challenging because we had to write 12 paragraphs about everything we have learned in the whole time we have been working on our Inquiry Project which has been for over  3 months. Although today was not very exciting, it was extremely busy and I can not wait to relax tomorrow!


Hi everyone, my name is Claire. I am part of the Revival Microcampus group. I am originally from the United States, most recently Dallas,Texas, however this is my forth year living in China. My passions include soccer, volleyball, traveling and photography. Microcampus has been the experience of a lifetime. XiZhou is absolutely beautiful and the people are incredibly kind and welcoming. I loved all 28 days I spent in the village and wish there were so many more. Through my time in XiZhou, I learned so much about Chinese culture, my Inquiry Project topic, and myself. Microcampus was remarkable opportunity and I will cherish it forever.