Day 21: Service Learning

Today is Day 21, and there is only one week left of Microcampus! Time has passed by so quickly and it is amazing to think that we are almost back on the bis to the Dali Airport that will then fly us back to Shanghai. Today was the last day of SAS Essentials, and almost everyone had already finished everything that was required of us. We finished our cause and effect chart on the American Revolution for humanities, and we also finished our paragraphs/essay on the American Revolution. As well as finishing everything for humanities, We also had to make sure that we finished all of our mathematics work. After everyone in our class had finished all of our mathematics work, our point person had us check over all of our homework and worksheets which we had to do in class. That night, my service learning group went over to our service learning partner's house and filmed our video.

My name is Julia J. and I am an Alumni of the "Ultimate" Microcampus group. Microcampus has been an amazing experience and I am sure that everyone who is an Alumni is missing the blue skies and fresh air which Xizhou has to offer.